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Kalidas 365 IT Solutions

“Very profession team for translation project. I must work with him again.”

Mario G


PROJECT#1 “Super work. great to work with him and the team...will work again for sure! thx you! you guys ROCK!!” PROJECT#2 Wow, those guys are so good, professional work (very patient with all request) don t hesitate to hire them!!! I know I will again!! THANK YOU  YOU ARE A ROCKING TEAM!!!!” PROJECT#3 This is with sadness that I have to stop the project cause of my healt ...those guys has beed sooo good and hope that you guys really get all the great feedback you deserve!! thx again continue your exellent work!” PROJECT#4 “again....thx you sooo much.....YOU are really the greatest freelancer I ever work with , thx you!!!”

Michael K

Wood4Floors UK

"Excellant work completed with good communication. We paid bonus for their attention to detail."

Vincent I


"Folks, these guys are good! I like to think of them as the “Whiz kids of programming. What other programmers made me think was impossible, these ones cracked in a matter of just a few days. I am so pleased. Apart from their professional competence, their greatest asset is their wonderful attitude to their clients. Theyre so patient, understanding and forbearing (qualities not often found with programmers). I will certainly recommend them to any one. You wont be disappointed. "

Nick M.


"I am very satisfied with your work, you created the project exactly as I wanted. Your team was very experienced, the communication was excellent, and there was a great support on implementing the extra requirements of my project.Thank you one more time for your work."

Shalini G


"Loved the experience of working with you !! will definetly do more projects together "

Manuel B.


Pleasure to work with. Excellent work! Always available to communicate with, very flexible, follows instructions, would definately use again on future projects!"

Sol B


"Great Work. Very professional and gives great status reports. Will use them again. "

Maania R


"Very good programer.respect time and quality..Highly recomend.I am going to work with him again"



"This team is able to deliver quality results on even the most difficult of projects. Excellent"

Martha T.

Book Seller USA

contractor did a good job. He has the skills; he speaks good enough English. He is trustworthy to DO THE JOB AND FINISH what he was contracted to do. He made corrections where necessary. I have hired him for another assignment



"Great and honest coder. Will use again."

Christopher A


"Thanks for your help. I know you do you best. Keep up the good work."

One V.


"A flash expert par excellence! Will use again"

Diana B.


"He is a very nice person to work with. I will continue hiring him to do this project."

Muhammad A.


"Great communication with daily progress report.Excellent work in this small budget."

David T.


"These guys put a lot of hard work into the project"



"They did an excellent job of communicating, sending project status updates, making adjustments when necessary and finishing in a timely manner. I would definitely use them again."



What an exceptional programmer, everything was done to perfection and in shorter than expected time. Recommended to anyone who wants a flawless programming experience. Will be using again definitely."


"very hard worker , gives you exactly what you want. very patient will work with anytime "
Nik Systems India